Ozzy Osbourne Blames His Bad Year on a Creepy Haunted Doll

OZZY OSBOURNE had a rough 2019. It included a serious fall, neck surgery, an infection in his hand, and hospitalization for the flu. And none of it was a coincidence. He blames it all on a haunted doll.

Back in 2017, Ozzy and his son JACK paid a visit to Robert the Doll in Key West, Florida, as part of their series "Ozzy and Jack's World Detour". And if you're not properly respectful when you meet Robert, you can end up CURSED.

Well, during their visit, Ozzy FARTED. He and Jack did apologize, but apparently, Robert was not appeased.

On the first episode of family's new show, "The Osbournes Want to Believe", Jack gives Ozzy a REPLICA of Robert, and Ozzy wants nothing to do with it.

He says, quote, "You think it's [an effing] joke . . . Just look at what has gone on with me. You think it's a joke.

"No, you shouldn't have [effed] around with him. All along, when we first went to that place, the guy told us that people would buy them and send them back because things would go wrong in their life."

Read the full article here: (NZ Herald)

Photo: Getty Images

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