Florida Roundtable is a one-hour news and public affairs program providing in-depth discussions of state, national, and international events affecting the state of Florida.

Past guests include former Governor Charlie Crist, Congressman Alan Grayson, Vice President Dick Cheney, Senator Mel Martinez, Congressman Allen Boyd, ICUF President Dr. Ed Moore, former DEP Secretary Michael Sole, political analyst Rhodes Cook, and Fox News Analyst Ed Puzzuoli.

Host Melissa Foxx has been in broadcasting since the mid-1980 wearing many "hats" and handling nearly every format. She is currently the Executive Producer of "Good Morning Orlando" on NewsRadio WFLA in Orlando as well the the host of her own show "Connections" which airs each week on the station.

Since 2002, Melissa has owned and operated her own full service recording studio which, among other things, dubs Sports broadcasts into Spanish for many worldwide outlets.

The Florida Primary Election Season

Exchange Student Program Opportunities

Exchange Student Program Opportunities. World Heritage International- world-heritage.org with Maya Schmelzle and Denise Winston- Area Coordinators

Reducing Employer & Employee Healthcare Costs

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FRT 6\29 Historian Dave Bowman

The History of Independence Day American Scripture- the meaning of the words with Historian Dave Bowman

FRT 6\22

The 2024 Election Season Election Process, Security and Concerns with FL Secretary of State Cord Byrd

Cruising from Florida

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The Florida Agriculture Commission Agriculture and Consumer Services

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Florida Auto Racing Opportunities

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Hurricane Season and Local EOCs

Hurricane Season and Local EOCs\Preparation & Emergency Response to Hurricanes with EOC's Rachel Horst.

National Safe Boating Week FWC's Brian Rehwinkel

Safety on Florida's Waterways with FWC's Brian Rehwinkel