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PSA Submissions

iHeartMedia Sarasota is committed to the Southwest Florida community. We serve as an ongoing promotional channel for local non-profits in several key ways and provide these services for FREE.

As a service to our listeners and the community, our radio stations broadcast public service announcements (PSA) for non-profit organizations.

Please read the below Guidelines before submitting your PSA Request.

  • A PSA is a non-commercial advertisement, broadcast for the public.
  • PSA requests must be submitted by an organization that qualifies as tax-exempt under IRS Tax Code 501(c)(3)
  • Information should provide a service or benefit for the community, listeners and/or members.
  • The following PSA content will not be aired: Rallies or demonstrations, Ticket, product or donation pricing, Book signings or public appearances, Benefits for individuals, Workshops or classes, Anything related to candidates for public or political office, Anything related to political organizations or Religious content
  • Deadlines – It is recommended to send in your submissions as soon as possible as there are large amounts of requests each week. Please make sure that you give at least five (5) days prior to the requested start date if providing pre-recorded audio. Ten (10) days prior to the requested start date if not providing pre-recorded audio.
  • Length - PSAs must be :15 seconds in length.
  • Formats - The preferred digital audio format for email is mp3, however, we also accept scripts.

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