LIST: The Best Places In The USA To Grab A Beer

Hands and mug beer of many people toasting at a tavern

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With the explosion of craft beer and breweries, there’s no shortage of good beer all over the U.S. The right environment, however, can make a good beer…great. Men’s Journal scoured the nation and came up with these locales…deemed them the best places in the USA to grab a cold one. In no order of preference, they are:

  • Asheville, North Carolina –If you’ve been there…you know.
  • Blackberry Farm (Walland, Tennessee) –Nestled in the Smokies and a great nature retreat…which always goes just fine with beer.
  • The Crawford Hotel (Denver) –A 112-room in tucked inside an old train station, the Terminal Bar has over 30 taps, car service, and even a beer spa experience.
  • Dogfish Inn (Lewes, Maryland) –Also known as the “beer nerd’s Nirvana.”
  • Dusek’s Board & Beer (Chicago) –The building is from the 1890s, and it’s also home to some serious live music and food.
  • Ebenezer’s Pub (Lovell, Maine) –Possibly the best small-town beer bar around.
  • Gun Flint Tavern (Grand Marias, Minnesota) –On the shore of Lake Superior, it has a serious “Maine” vibe to it.
  • Howard’s (Shiner, Texas) –It used to be a gas station/convenience store…now it’s a kick-ass music spot.
  • McMenamins Kennedy School (Portland, Oregon) –Converted from a school to first-rate brewery.
  • Rising Tide/Bissel Bros./Allagash/Geary’s (Maine) –It’s a one-stop pub crawl.
  • The Tourist Club (Marin County, CA) –It’s a two-mile hike through the Redwoods to get to it, but it’s worth it.
  • Walt Disney World (Orlando, Florida) –Between Epcot and all the other themed spots, it really sells itself.

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