Wander Franco Calls Huge Rays Deal "Opportunity" in Media Avail

ST. PETERSBURG -- Rays shortstop Wander Franco has held his first news conference since signing a contract worth at least $182 million and up to $223 million if it plays out to its full option in 2033.

"More than a responsibility, I see a great opportunity here," the 20-year-old Franco said through a translator. "The one thing I want to do is bring a championship to the (Rays) organization."

"Money gives power... but the main thing I want to do is play baseball," Franco added.

Why sign a long term deal with the Rays?" "This was the organization that gave me the opportunity in professional baseball," Franco said.

"As a person, the way he carries himself... is of equal importance (to his talent)," Sternberg said. "We've got somebody we know we can trust... who's going to be there for his teammates,": owner Stu Sternberg said.

Photo: Getty Images

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