Sam Hunt Doesn't Like Writing Songs About People He's 'Involved With'

Photo: Getty Images

Sam Hunt doesn't really like to put his dirty laundry in his music.

Hunt performed at our 2021 iHeartRadio Music Festival on Saturday (September 18) and the country crooner hit the red carpet to talk about his take on inspiration nowadays. "When I write songs, I'm really intimidated to write songs about people I'm really directly involved with. My songs tend to be an amalgamation of a lot of different experiences," Hunt told PEOPLE backstage of the Las Vegas affair. Hunt's been married to wife, Hannah Lee Fowler, for over four years, so when it comes to romantic inspiration, no one new is coming into the mix. "You know, you pick up things from movies and culture, so I just sort of soak all that in. And it comes out in a song, but rarely is a song directly about somebody who's in my life at that moment."

Hunt's latest single, "23," isn't about anyone in particular, but instead a nostalgic moment and that's a feeling that he's always leaned into. "I'm always nostalgic. I'm always thinking about the past," he continued. "I love that happy, sad feeling in music. I'm really attracted to. It comes out when I'm writing quite a bit."

During his set, Hunt performed the aforementioned single, "House Party," as well as other fan favorites, including A "Breakup in a Small Town"/"Drinkin’ Too Much” medley, “Breaking Up Was Easy In The '90s” and “Body Like a Back Road.”

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