Frozen Food Sales Skyrocket As People Stock Up During Coronavirus Pandemic

Toilet paper and hand sanitizer weren't the only products that Americans have been stocking up on during the coronavirus pandemic. According to a report from CNN Businessthe sales of frozen food have increased by more than 40% during the 11 weeks that ended on May 16.

In that time, Americans spent $15.5 billion on frozen foods. As people made fewer trips to the grocery store, they had to buy products that would last, and many decided to go back to the frozen foods they used to eat while growing up. Frozen pizzas were especially popular, as their sales increased by more than 50%.

When the pandemic first started, shoppers started purchasing recognizable brands that were quick and easy to make. John Carmichael, president of Nestlé Food Division, told CNN Business that the sales of Stouffer's, Hot Pockets, and DiGiorno all increased in April. As the stay at home orders continued into May, consumers started shifting towards healthier and fresher options.

Carmichael said Nestlé's new brand of frozen dinners, Life Cuisine, which launched in April, is targeting those consumers. The line features 15 different recipes that are low-carb, high-protein, gluten-free, or meatless.

A study conducted by the American Frozen Food Institute found that 86% of shoppers purchased frozen food, while 7% of consumers who rarely or never bought frozen foods before the pandemic are now buying it.

While Americans were stocking up on frozen goods, they also needed more places to store all their food. The report also found that freezer sales are up nearly 200% since March.

Photo: Getty Images

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