Happy Ending: 82 Year Old Man Dances with Broom

Frank Cicorelli's wife passed away about 7 years ago at age 75, so he’s alone during Covid-19 quarantine measures. Despite that he’s been creating his own fun. A Facebook post from April shows him strolling with an umbrella enjoying his two-mile walk and looking on the bright side: “I was lucky, no wind”—even in the “miserable cold and rain.” Frank's a happy guy.

Four years ago he recovered from open heart coronary bypass surgery and a shoulder injury. He decided to work with a trainer and got back full range of motion on his shoulder. Now he;s ready to dance!

He sent this video to his friend Connie and her brother via text showing him getting groovy and grabbing a broomstick to share a dance.

His daughter commented “My dad is my HERO and he still lives one of his core values—to make the best out of whatever situation you have!”

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