The Rundown: Phone Snooper - Pop Tart Ice Cream - Home Field Advantage

Your Rundown in Frank's Garage on Z105: Friday May 8th, 2020.

  1. More than a third of Americans admit to snooping around their partner's phone. A Pew Research Survey found 42 percent of women and a quarter of men admit to checking out what their partner's are doing on their phones without permission. 
  2. Fans have been waiting for the pop tart ice cream bars since word came out in January, and now they're here. They even have little brown sugar balls in a strawberry frozen treat.I might have to run to publix today. 
  3. Home field advantage is extremely important in the NFL as the fans provide the home team with an extra push of motivation and are often thought of as an extra player on the field. But if the season has to go forward with no fans in the seats, teams can forget about the home field advantage this year.It also presents an unusual challenge for sports books, since odds-makers factor home field advantage into the betting line, usually adding three points to the home team.

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