The Rundown: Late Delivery - White Claw - Diet Town

Your Rundown in Frank's Garage on Z105: Friday May 8th, 2020.

  1. An Iowa man can thank the coronavirus pandemic for a postcard from his sister arriving, albeit 33 years late. Annie Lovell sent her brother the postcard in 1987. It was a photo of her at the Grand Canyon. Paul Willis of Thornton said it arrived this year. He called the Des Moines post office for an explanation. He was told they were doing a deep cleaning of the building because of the pandemic and the postcard might have been found while furniture and equipment were being moved.
  2. White Claw is at it again with two new flavors, but there's a twist. Pineapple and clementine are only 70 calories. They also have less alcohol than the other 100 calorie cans. The hard seltzer debuted in 2016 and exploded last summer to the point of a shortage. All ten flavors are fully stocked and the new additions are on shelves now.
  3. An entire town in New York is going on a diet. The town of Huntington, located in Suffolk County, Long Island, has started a voluntary diet and exercise program for the entire community – which has about 200,000 residents. They are doing it in an effort to make people healthier, especially in light of COVID-19, which seems to affect those with obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure more severely.

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