Trailer Park: Yesterday, Aladdin, Frozen 2


This week in the Z105 Trailer Park I visit three new trailers released just moments ago. The first is 'Yesterday', due in theaters in June. Just watching the trailer to this movie brings me joy. I've actually watched it like seven times. Ya know what... Imma watch it again, right now. Gimme a minute. Alright that's eight.

Yesterday: A fantasy story involving a world in which the Beatles never existed?! I dig this on so many levels. I'm not a comic book fan, or an action movie fan, I'm a fan of music and the people who dedicate their lives to creating it. I'm stoked to have the opportunity to see a fictional film that wraps so much of what I love into a package that's fresh and exciting. Additionally, it can't hurt having the guy who brought us 'Trainspotting', 'Slumdog Millionaire', and '127 Hours' at the helm (Danny Boyle).

Frozen 2: I don't have much to say about this yet, because the Trailer tells you nothing. Perhaps other than by Christmas, we'll be subject to another mind-numbing Disney song out of the mouths of kids, on repeat again, for what will seem an eternity.

Disney's Aladdin: The internet has hated the idea of Will Smith replacing Robin Williams in the live action version of Aladdin since it was first announced. Now all the haters are lining up for a hater parade to talk smack about Will Smith dressed in blue-face (topically ironic don't you think?). It's Disney. Calm yourself twitter. I remember thinking quietly to myself several years ago that there was no way a live action version of Beauty and the Beast could work. It did. To it's credit Disney knocked it out of the park.

Furthermore, is this the year of Disney? Many thought when Disney announced it was slowing down the Star Wars franchise for awhile, that it would mean a slow down in overall production. FALSE. We now discover they were only clearing a path for NINE different mega-releases in 2019. Let's count them:

Live action Lion KingLive action AladdinLive action DumboMarvel Avenger's End GameMarvel Captain MarvelToy Story 4Frozen 2Star Wars IX

If you have children, save the headache and sign one of your paychecks over to Disney now. They're going to get it anyway before the year is out.



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