Todd Kagen: Bradenton Man Sadly Passes - Wins Internet

While thumbing through the internet this afternoon, we stumbled upon the obituary of a Bradenton man who recently passed.  This Packers fan, father and husband has us wishing we'd known one another, because his obituary is the stuff of man-lure.

With these wise words his obituary begins: "This is Uncle Todd Kagan and I escaped the mortal realm around 4:20am on Groundhog Day. Since the Packers didn't make it to the Super Bowl, I had them pack me up in a sled for my final ride."  

Plans for his final party are just as vivid: "I'm throwing a party in my own honor "All Packer fans" with Jameson drinkers, Cigar smokers, and lovers of good beer, are welcome."


"If you're as inspired by Todd's spirit as much as we are,  "In lieu of Flowers (I'm a manly man) so please make financial donations to the Moffitt Cancer Center Attn: Donations Department, 12902 Magnolia Drive, Tampa, FL 33612."

Cheers Todd!

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