Aerosmith Joins Rapper Post Malone at VMAs (Video)

It's obvious Aerosmith is no stranger to collaboration (most famously with RUN DMC), but still when they join Rapper Post Malone on the MTV Video Music Awards, the crowd is stunned.  Early this week it was announced the band would perform at the VMA's, but winding toward the end of the show, they still have not appeared?  Finally in the last chorus of Post Malone's 'Rockstar' (featuring 21 Savage), the rapper announced "ladies and gentlemen, it's F!@king Aerosmith!", then picks up a strat and joins the band for a rousing version of the 73' classic 'Dream On'.

This was certainly Aerosmith at their finest.  They've become a band that handles iconic, high profile media moments with ease, despite approaching their 50th Anniversary.  Additionally what I found notable is the age of the spectators in the crowd.  While the set looked like a scene from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, the midriff baring women in the audience swaying back and forth, look to be just old enough to partake in a vodka Red Bull.  Let's remember Aerosmith's 'Crazy' is now 25 years old, making it older than many of the young women who may be Googling the band during their performance wondering "who invited the old dudes, and why are they so damn loud?".  

See them tear it up at the 2:30 mark.     




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