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Doctor Strange Trailer

If you grew up a comic geek, like myself, the latest trend of comic book films rolling out has put you in heaven!  Here' Dr Strange - yea, must see!
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Suicide Squad Tralier - Harley Quinn Version

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Manatee says hello!

Reason #345 I love the Suncoast! This manatee came to say, "Wassup!"
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Pokeman interrupts the weather!

Poor weather man - he didn't see it coming!
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The work of the devil?!

Imagine an instrument that you can play without making physical contact.  It's called the Theremin.  It has antennas that sense the position of the performer's hands.  Listen to Led...
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Nirvana - the computer version!

I LOVE this!  Smells Like Teen Spirit played via computer hardware! This will be on my work out playlist, which makes me a nerd!
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Pranked the wrong person!

That one time, you thought it would be funny to prank in the drive thru.
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A bear is "asked" to leave

How do you handle a bear on your property? Just ask him to leave.
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He is REALLY happy!!

I know how he feels.  I act the same way in the beer aisle!
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Axl Rose: Badass Senior Citizen

Axl Rose is still recovering from a broken foot, and is now walking with the most interesting--and most badass--cane you've ever seen. This is NOT your grandpa's cane!   That's...
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