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Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder recently showed his affinity for the John Lennon classic "Imagine" in last week's impassioned anti-war statement.  And this past Friday, the rocker revisited the song during a solo show in Portugal.  

It was his first time covering "Imagine," and Vedder explained to the crowd that he's never played it before because he considers it to be "the most powerful song ever written." He invited everyone to join in because he thought "there might be some people out there that need to know they are not alone." 

Eddie Vedder - Imagine (live in Portugal) by sheehanpaul-ie

Vedder was criticized last week for another mid-concert anti-war speech that some considered to be anti-Israel.  He responded with a post on Pearl Jam's website explaining that he'd "rather be naïve, heartfelt and hopeful than resigned to say nothing for fear of misinterpretation and retribution." 

Vedder added at the Portugal show that just because someone is anti-war doesn't mean they're picking one side over another in any particular conflict.

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